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🍄 "How do you identify?" I identify as a transmasculine genderfuck, neuroqueer leatherdyke/dyke in general. I also label myself as polyamorous, nonbinary, soft butch, genderpunk and genderfluid! I use any and all pronouns, including neos, with a preference for zhe/hir and wy/wyv. In terms of political indentity, I am a transanarcho-autonomist. However, I am interested in leftist ideology in general and also describe myself as an overall marxist and socialist. Spiritually I'm a pagan occultist, though I only practice on holidays due to my mental health. I subscribe to postmodern theory! Below are some of the flags I use:

🍄 "What do the symbols in your bio mean?" transgender | anarchist | antifascist | autistic | lesbian

🍄 "Are you a furry?" I tried to deny the fact that I was really drawn to the idea of having a fursona and the furry community in general due to bullying both online and in real life for a long time. I realize now that the reason I was so drawn to the idea is because I've always had trouble depicting myself. It always feels inauthentic, in beyond just a trans (though I'm sure that factors in) way. Having a fursona allows me to depict myself in a way that doesn't make me want to rip my intestines out. TLDR; yeah I guess I'm a furry, I'd like to write an essay about it at some point.

🍄 "What are some of your inspirations for your projects?" Some of my biggest inspirations would have to be my special interests and hyperfixations (you can see more specifics around the website and within my interest archive). I am also heavily influenced by the music I listen to, and my own personal experiences with things like drugs, mental illness, media, connections, and a lot of other stuff in my life.

🍄 "When did you start creating art and personal projects?" Pretty much since I was able to hold a pencil I've been drawing and creating little characters with stories attached to them. Before I even knew what the concept of an "OC" was I was making owl characters for the Guardians of Ga'hoole bookseries with crayons and misspelled words. I began creating comics consciously around the age of 9 inspired by pokemon nuzlocke webcomics, and posting online soon after. Forget-Me-Not County was conceptualized back in 2016.

🍄 "What programs do you use to create your artwork?" For my digital illustrations and edits, I mostly use ibispaint and MSpaint as they are free softwares. I edit videos together in InShot, another free program. I create my frame-by-frame animations in the paid for version of FlipaClip, though it's very cheap and has a free version with many features as well.

🍄 "Can I repost your artwork?" Yes, but I'd prefer if you reached out to me via one of my social medias or email to ask permission first!