ON HIATUS. For how long? I dunno! To be quite honest, I don't feel that passionately towards this project anymore. Perhaps the inspiration will come back someday, but for now there are other comics and projects I'd like to put my creative energy into. If you're one of my regular readers: Thanks so much for keeping up with the project. You can find all of my art, projects, and social media on my neocities.

pg. 01, march 31st 2023

pg. 02, april 1st 2023

pg. 03, april 3rd 2023

pg. 04, april 4th 2023

pg. 05, april 6th 2023

pg. 06, april 10th 2023

pg. 07, april 15th 2023

pg. 08, june 7th 2023

pg. 09, august 22nd 2023