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✎ Credits ✎

powered by emoticon, thank you for the starting point :]
All assets used on website
All pagedoll art comes from my art fight defenses, huge thanks and credit to: archaeocete, hinus, freezy-rat, gravefl0wers, daemon, and KiRAWRa on artfight for these depictions of my characters!

⚠ Content Warnings ⚠

➫ The Use of Reclaimed Slurs
➫ (mild, mostly avoidable) Eyestrain
➫ Drugs
➫ (fictional) Blood and Body Horror
➫ Unreality/Psychological Horror
➫ Insects
➫ Religious imagery

✯ Other Things ✯

This website contains several secrets relating to my projects which may be considered disturbing to some explorers (though you must dig for these). I'm also using it to test neocities for these projects, so it is subject to change and may not be the cleanest/may have some bugs, both literally and figuratively, here and there. It is also not yet mobile friendly :[
Thank you for understanding!