The church bells rang at noon. This was normal, it happened every day. But the sky wasn't blue, nor was it full of clouds. No, as the church sung it's holy song the sky blazed a deep, great red.

Somewhere in the distance a fire roared. And flowers shriveled. And a great skyscraper fell. And lakes began to dry. In fact, the whole world had begun to dry.

The bells continued to ring, paying no attention to the crowds of screaming people below, or the buildings collapsing around their haunting requiem.

What was going on? It was hard to say. In only a couple of seconds, the world had collapsed in on itself.

No beasts crawled from Hades and no seraphim in the Heavens made a sound. They simply watched as the earth tore itself apart in what seemed to be a manic suicide attempt.

All of these living creatures asked, "what's going on?" but were met with nothing but silent chaos.

Somewhere up above, a girl was being branded, and informed of her fate that was foretold in the stars. She was to quell the madness her very own Guardian had been planning since her birth.

Somewhere down below, a young prophet called out to his family. Then, out to anyone. Anybody at all. By the time his voice was hoarse it didn't take his third eye to know he may have to follow the dark path laid out before him on his own.

Further below that still, purgatory's highest ranks clamored. They were perhaps in the most disarray. They were unable to keep up with the thousands of people flooding their gates and their court.

Worst of all, where was their boss? The Grand Judge? He was nowhere to be found!

By the last chime, seventy-five percent of all earth bodies ceased to exist. Not only living bodies- but bodies of water, animals, forests... almost completely eradicated. The broken world fell silent at the same time as the bells, still indifferent to what had been ravaged all around them.

A girl stood amongst the rubble, wondering what her purpose was and how she could possibly save even the smallest bit of this earth if so much of it was already gone.